Trail Blade BOSS: Green Label - Non D.O.T Sticky Competition Compound

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37x12.50R17 - $599.99 ($25 per tire in shipping)
40x13.50R17 - $799.99 ($35 per tire in shipping)

The Trail Blade BOSS is our most aggressive off-road tire, designed to not only meet the toughest terrains but dominate them!  This Green Label edition uses a sticky competition compound designed for the highest grip on rocks.  The tires are NOT DOT marked, intended for off road use only.

  • Special soft compound designed exclusively for off-road use to grip the rocks tighter and keep you moving over and around almost anything standing in your way.
  • Balanced Tread Pattern: Creating tons of biting edges for grip while the void leaves tons of room and stone ejectors keep small boulders from taking a free ride.
  • Solid Pattern: Knife blades and handle overflow from the tread onto the sidewall providing extra protection from cuts and scrapes while also providing extra grip when in deep mud.
  • Center Tread Blocks: Split apart and with wave shaped sipes enhances grip while keeping the contact patch dry.
  • Full 3-Ply Sidewall with extra thick rubber: Allows for increased load capacity as well as puncture resistance to keep most any vehicle going on any terrain.

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