Trail Blade BOSS LT375/45R20 (33X15R20) 126Q

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A big tire with a BIG attitude.  The BOSS is not for the timid truck owner.  Only available in large sizes, the BOSS features a high void ratio tread pattern for superior grip across many surfaces.  The smaller center tread blocks have a reinforcing link at their base for stability on the highway.  In the WIDE series sizes, such as the LT375/45R20, the pattern really stands out!  The sidewall of the tire is among the most aggressive on the market.  The tread lugs are extra large and repeat the tread pattern with the knife blade inspiration.  

Below are the specs on this tire size:

Atturo Item Number Speed Rating Load Index Overall Diameter Inches Section Width Inches Measuring Rim Approved Rim Width Tread Depth Weight LBS Max PSI Max Load Single LBS
TBBO-J5SK0AFA 128Q 33.5 15.0 12.5 12.0 - 14.0 22 76.50 65 3748

This is a limited special offer for the first introduction of the new size, LT375/45R20.  These tires will come shipped on a pallet.  We recommend shipping directly to a store for installation.

The price listed is for the full set of 4 tires, including shipping, to any location within the 48 states of USA.

In addition to a set of 4 Tires from our WIDE series, you will also receive the following:

  • Atturo Carbon Fiber Bottle Opener
  • Atturo Go Your Own Way Lanyard
  • Atturo Trail Blade Boss Sticker
  • Atturo Boss RC4WD tire (1.9”)
  • Atturo Gear Clothing (Sweater or Shirt, depending on size availability.)

You will also be eligible for a $200 rebate in the form of a credit back to your original payment method after completing the following:  

  1. Post a Picture of the tires ordered on Social Media
  2. Post a Picture of the tires being received on Social Media
  3. Post a Picture of the tires being Installed on Social Media
  4. Post a Video walk around of your vehicle, describing your build and how Atturo helps you Go Your Own Way
  5. Email info@atturo.com with a link to all of these posts

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